Savusavu Yacht Club of Fiji

24 Aug 2016

16° 46.7 South | 179° 20.0 East

Welcome to the Savusavu Yacht Club.

We are a fully accredited yacht club in the South Seas paradise of the Republic of Fiji on Vanua Island.

Savusavu is a yachting haven and cruising boat Immigration “clearance” location in Fiji. The large reef buffered bay of Savusavu and the island and reef protected safe harbour moorings near the Savusavu Yacht Club provide our local and visiting yachts a secure mooring in any weather. There are numerous docks with power and water for those who desire that comfortable convenience.

The international scene with both the interesting mix of members of the Savusavu Yacht club and its visitors from around the world give the Club an atmosphere of diverse cultures and endless appeal as everyday new people come in to partake of the ambiance, the excellent meals at the Captains Table and the low cost libations at the waterfront bar.

The Savusavu Yacht Club resides in the old Copra Shed Marina that was built in the 19th century which is a major landmark in Savusavu. Renovated in recent years it shows this history in historical photographs depicting the ‘Sheds’ past, adorn the walls of the building.



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