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24 Aug 2016

South Seas Clothing is unique because the most of the designs are created in the jungle villages of the islands. When people spend all their free time creating a design, you know their heart and mind are into it.

Did you know? “Tattoos” started in the South Seas.

Many of our T shirt designs come from tattoo designers, an art ancient to the South Seas and brought to Europe by the earliest sailors. Our tattooed T shirts are designs handed down over the centuries by families immersed in the art.

Would you like to add your own boat? Try Savusavu Yacht Club Design Shop

There are many “stock” designs to choose from, which you can add your own text.

Additionally, you can use your own art work such as your boat’s design plan or a photograph of your boat and have your boat name imprinted to any of the product choices.

Many Yacht Club members have their boat’s architectural drawing imprinted with their boat’s name on T shirts, caps and other product gear offered right here. In order to be sure to get a proper and clean print we recommend you send us your clean as possible, quality computer “scanned” design. Photo shots of designs are rarely adequate, yet a photo of the boat itself can work without our help. Send your artwork and your boat name in your chosen font (from your own computer) to us directly right here:

We will communicate with you about getting your boat (even cars and planes) properly printed to your product selection. This personal handling costs a onetime $25 and is available to anyone who requires professional assistance.

For those who want digital photographs of your boat, even your dog/cat/bird, your car or your favorite photograph, just directly use the tabs offered using the “Upload Photo” tab to select any photo/pictures from your computer/pad/phone.




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